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The hardest relationships to maintain are usually the ones that are worth it.

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Toss me some questions yo.

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I am so happy.

Anonymous said: You are truly the kindest person I have ever met. You've been an inspiration and a great friend these past years. Now that we're out of school I felt like I should tell you that I have the biggest crush on you. You're an amazing individual & I wish you the best next year with whatever you do.

Thank you. I appreciate you sharing this kind words with me, so once again thank you! :)

Anonymous said: You are such a gentleman and i wish there was more guys like you in the world. You will be missed at La Serna. You smiles seem to light up everyones' day!:D

Thank you! This Truly means so much to me.
I wish you signed my yearbook with this.

He lives inside me.

Here I am,
sitting, waiting, wanting,
Here I am,
sitting waiting, hoping,
Here I am,
Broken beaten bothered
Bothered by you.
You remind me of her.
You argue the same.
There is no winning.
There is no point.
Why bother ever saying what’s on my mind?
Who will listen?
Who will listen?
Certainly not,
I’ve always been one to talk
No one ever listens
because no one ever hears.
My words seem to reach those nearby,
Yet, their heads unmoving,
they ignore.
Rather, they focus on those with voices
they focus on those,
who must be heard.
So I bury my voice even deeper. i do not bother repeating what was said. I place it under my chest, i place it with my disappointment and despair and they grow together, they emerge as one,  they are the last 10 years of my life
they are the boy that was never heard. they are inside me. they are within me. I am the boy.

Johnny Depp he’s just too cool.I don’t know who she is, but she be babin.

Johnny Depp he’s just too cool.
I don’t know who she is, but she be babin.

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I’ll be honest I never expected to live this long