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“I’ll never let you go.” “You mean everything to me” “Forever” etc…
Words you said to me no more than an hour ago.
Meaningless now.

Why are you making assumptions?

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I think I’m just tired.

I was never upset. I don’t usually get upset, frustrated yes at times; but now well now I just feel that the hate is enough. There are enough contradictions. I’m tired. I ache for sleep.

Ask me questions.

Maybe I’ll answer.


The hardest relationships to maintain are usually the ones that are worth it.

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Ha-ha! The funny thing is that when you’re with me you always do that.

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Anonymous said: Are you still with klaudia?

First off thank you for asking a question anon, its definitely appreciated!

She’s with me too,

We’re in a committed relationship, no big deal.

So yes, of course we are together. she makes me happy :)
and I think I make her  happy as well.

Toss me some questions yo.

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I only go on tumblr for questions, but sometimes I creep..

I have no questions…so I just lurk.